Dynamicpsychiatry.com was created to provide educational opportunities in psychiatry and psychotherapy for health professionals. The Institute is oriented toward providing a broad-based and integrative educational approach that follows a biopsychosocial model of mental disorders and treatment. This approach includes an emphasis on developmental and psychodynamic understanding as fundamental underpinnings of accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our hope is that participants will utilize our programs as a supplement their current training and skills, increasing their knowledge and skill base toward enhanced effectiveness in their clinical work.

Technology provides ever-increasing access to information including continuing education. But we believe that there is a unique value to live, interactive, in-person training environments that cannot be duplicated on a computer screen. Our program events offer the opportunity to interact directly with our presenters, and also to network with colleagues and form new professional relationships. This is in keeping with the high value that dynamic psychiatry places on the here-and-now relational interaction.

Our Presenters

The Institute strives to engage speakers that are well-respected in their professional community, who represent the best in terms of clinical experience and expertise. We solicit, process, and integrate feedback and suggestions from participants to further enhance the quality of our programs. If you have a suggestion for a speaker that you would like to see present, please let us know through our contact page.

Our Topics and Programs

We aim to provide topics that are a combination of interesting and enjoyable, as well as clinically useful and applicable. To this end, we solicit suggestions from participants as well as the professional community at large. We also attempt to provide programs on topics that are not as widely available, in keeping with the mission of filling a niche in the mental health community. If you have a suggestion for a topic, we invite you to submit your suggestion through our contact page.